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February 2017 @ the BAG

Sat. Feb. 11@ 8:00 pm
Tickets $10 at the door or from Eventbrite (plus fee)
Directed by John McGie.

The CHAIR SERIES is an evening of original monologues written by playwright John McGie. The only thing on stage is a chair. Actors from Whistler, Vancouver and Squamish are involved. Each monologue is written specifically for individual actors. The writing process usually consists of John meeting with an actor, talking about anything but theatre and then asking them to give him a word. From this John creates their monologue. “Biblical Props”, “Boob Job”, “Dead Spatula”, “Flaming Fascists”, “Helium Death Scene”, “Kids and Hobos”, “Linoleum”, “Sasquatch”, “Wedding Mom” and “When Your One and Only is Two People” are just some of the titles. Some are comedic. Some are dramatic. Currently, the CHAIR SERIES has approximately 20 actors involved with well over 50 monologues written. Actors and monologues are continually being added. Each CHAIR SERIES performance is unique with each show being made up of a different combination of actors and newly written and already performed monologues. On average, there are six to ten actors per show. Each show runs approximately 90 minutes including intermission. There are no sets, costumes, props or makeup. Just words and actor. Theatre unplugged. Each monologue runs around three to five minutes. So, if you have a short attention span, this is the theatre for you.

Fri. Feb. 17 @ 8:00 pm $20 @ XOCO & the BAG
Saint Patrick's day is early this year with two fine traditional Irish musicians @ the BAG.
An evening of fiddle, concertina, guitar & song!

Come and enjoy an evening with two fine musicians from right here in the Pacific Northwest. Longtime participants in traditional music circles in the region, Dale Russ & John Gothard have continued a musical friendship since they first met in 1975.

From Seattle, Dale Russ is highly regarded both as a solo performer and as a past/present member of performing groups such as Crumac, Setanta, and Chulrua. In 1990 Dale was invited to perform at the first Boston College Irish Music “My Love is in America” Festival, which featured 16 of the finest Irish fiddlers living in the States. Although entirely self-taught, Dale is nevertheless recognized both here and abroad as a fiddler who plays Irish traditional music with distinctive clarity, articulation, and feeling.

From Brackendale, B.C. John Gothard is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who has been performing what he calls “my own brand” of traditional music all his life. Born and raised in Liverpool, England, John’s style is a mixture of songs he first heard and learned there, together with other songs he acquired after making his own journey to a new life in Canada. John has performed at the Northwest Folklife Festival, Mission Festival, and is an annual feature at the Princeton, B.C, Folk Festival. He is well-known in singing circles throughout the northwest.

Wed. Feb. 22 @ 8:00 pm $20 @ XOCO & the BAG
World Class Classical @ the BAG: LA MODESTINE:
MARC DESTRUBÉ (violin) with
Linda Melsted - violin
Natalie Mackie - viola da gamba
Jonathan Oddie - harpsichord

French & Italian Music Of The Early 18th Century.
Jean-Fery Rebel: Trio Sonata No. 5 in D Major, 'La Pallas'
Giovanni Legrenzi: La Bevilacqua', Op.8, No.8
Jean-Fery Rebel: Sonata No. 5 in D Major
Antonio Vivaldi: Suonata a solo facto per M. Pisendel in C Major, RV2
Jean-Marie Leclair: Première recréation de musique, Op. 6 in D Major

The early 18th century was witness to a period of profound changes in intellectual and cultural life, literacy, and attitudes towards government and religion; the age of enlightenment brought with it a belief in the power of human reason to investigate and understand nature and human society.

In France, there was a transition from a court culture dominated by Louis XIV, to the new public sphere, where the young nobility, and increasingly affluent and literate bourgeoisie established salons in which to cultivate the work of writers, artists and musicians. While Versailles had previously been the centre of government and culture, musicians commonly kept residences both at Court and in Paris, travelling between the two centres. Increasingly, Italian musicians and composers travelled to Paris, bringing with them the fiery, virtuosic Italian style and forms. The sonata and cantata were two genres which were well-suited to the salon, and French chamber music began to reflect the union of French and Italian styles. Although there was considerable debate about the superiority of French suavity and finesse or the passion and fire of Italian music, inevitably aspects of both were incorporated into each others’ compositions.

La Modestine was formed in 2016 by four renowned musicians who discovered that playing together was one of their great joys. La Modestine’s repertoire focuses on music of the baroque for one or two violins, viola da gamba and basso continuo.

Sat. Feb. 25 @ 8:00 pm $20 @ XOCO & the BAG
Michael Perkins returns to the BAG with a new Jazz group and a new sound. You will remember him from directing the SeaTSky Big Band and he now returns with a new lineup from the Okanagan Valley with the Justin Glibbery Quartet. From innovative original compositions to sultry vocals to timeless Jazz classics, this group, "has such a great time performing, you can't help but enjoy".

Michael Perkins - Trumpet/ FlugelHorn
Justin Glibbery - Piano
Yanti Rowland - Vocals
Mike Treadway - Drums
Stefan Bienz - Bass


Sun. Feb. 12, 7:30 – 10:00 pm :
Acoustic Jam @ the BAG
Rita Kyle: 604 898 1340

Tues. Feb. 28, 7:30 By donation.
Overcomers: An Evening of Worship Music
with Mario & Anne Iacovone

Rick Scott & Nico Rhodes (April 1st), Alex Morton, Toby Jaxon and Emily Carr.
More TBA!

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In the mean time it is business as usual!

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