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September 2014 @ the BAG

September Artists:
Jo Peters and Rebecca Geddes

Jo Peters: The objective of this work is to visually develop information from my surrounding landscape, which I have gathered through direct experience. This is a chance to mimetically understand where I have been and interpret things I have remembered.

Artist bios:
Via hiking, canoeing, biking, and splitboarding Jo Peters has seen rivers, moraines, couloirs, peaks, valleys, bowls, basins, cols, mists, and more. Travelling through such features of the wilderness is a multifaceted, labor intensive and layered experience, which has inspired her approach to art making and material choices. Mountains as a motif have become addictive to represent over and over as they are endless and repetitive in themselves. Jo recognizes in herself the addiction for conquest and adventure within mountains, succumbing to their dangerous and alluring power.

Rebecca Geddes believes in all things interdisciplinary. Coming from a science background, this organically led Rebecca into her passion and integration of the fine arts. She is a strong advocate for active engagement and in placing community and art in dialogue together. After finishing her Diploma in Studio Art at Capilano University, Rebecca finished her Masters of Art at COFA and her Cabinetry Certification in Sydney, Australia. She now is currently undertaking Midwifery at UBC and is learning to balance her artistic career and life with catching babies. Her inquisitive, curious and playful nature is one that naturally flows into her artwork.

Thurs. Sept. 11, 7 pm   By donation.
Squamish Historical Society presents: Ellen Grant
The Role of Geography in the Settlement and Historical Development of Our Valley

Ellen is the granddaughter of settlers Barbara Annie and Henry (Harry) Judd. Six generations of her family have made this area their home. She has lived in the Valley for 70+ years and taught in the schools here for 37 of those years until retirement. The valley has been her playground and her teacher; she has explored every nook and cranny. She hopes to bring her personal experiences and opinions to a discussion of the Valley’s past, and perhaps a possible glimpse of our future, during a question and answer period.

Sun. Sept. 14, 7:30 – 10:00 pm (Please note the change to second week just for this month!)
Acoustic Jam @ the BAG
Rita Kyle: 604 898 1340

Sat. Sept. 20th 
Brackendale Art Gallery School of Art
Workshop with Artist Jo Peters
9am- 5pm  $75
Registration: 604 892 4452 or

Come and learn strategies to develop landscape work. The objectives of this artist led workshop are to explore methods of abstraction by layering with different materials, creating unique perspectives and experimenting with mark making. There will be instruction on a formal approach to composition and picture making including how to make use of references for a work, methods of collage, the use of colour, drawing techniques and material choices. There will be the option to create multiple works within a class setting with group critiques and discussion.

Some materials will be provided but artists are welcome to bring their own. Bringing reference materials to work from will be an asset. Artists wanting to develop finished works in any medium are welcome.

Artist Bio

Jo Peters has studied Fine Art at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver and Chelsea School of Art in London, UK. Her work has been exhibited in London, Vancouver, Dawson City and Squamish.  She grew up in the rural setting of Bowen Island and has lived and explored multiple areas that are rich in interesting landscape with access to wilderness. Including areas in Mexico, the Yukon and Northwest Territories, Alberta, the Kootenays and Vancouver Island. She currently lives in Squamish to pursue an Artistic practice while working as a mountain bike guide.

Tues. Sept. 16 at 7:30 pm   By donation.
Overcomers: An Evening of Worship Music
With Mario & Anne Iacavone

Coming Events: October artist: David Low

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