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August/September 2015

We are having a quiet summer with no public events until later September. But you can catch us at
21st Annual Brackendale Fall Fair,
Sat. Sept. 12 from 10 to 5.

Fun for the whole family!
Get you produce and crafts entries ready and get involved!

This is a Brackendale Farmers Institute event, not a BAG event, but we are very involved.
For more information go to Check it out and LIKE it on FaceBook.

The Brackendale Collection: West Coast Visionary Artists
Chris Blades, Carl Chaplin, Michael Malcolm, Toby Nilsson.

Carol Roberts: The Birth of My Totems, a vertical story book.
Opening Sun. Sept. 27th at 3 pm

The art in this show comes from 2014/15 when I painted at The Contemporary Painting Studio, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Mexico greatly influences and enhances my creative process. In San Miguel de Allende I am creatively supported; my Imagination develops. I work with paint and paper in unique ways, and my art almost creates its self.

The idea of painting Totems came to me in Mexico. The, "vertical story book", was on my mind as I painted. My knowledge of the West Coast Totem and the inspiration of Mexican life and culture fused and new images were realized. In the Contemporary Studio, the canvas became a chaotic laboratory, where I experimented with great energy with mythical images, ideas, line, color, form and textures.

This process and paint impregnated the canvas with life and energy.

I hope my artistic expressions / experiments give you a feeling. A good feeling.

And you want to take one home.

Carol has her permanent home in Squamish, BC, the Outdoor Capital of Canada, but travel has been a priority in her life and she considers it her best teacher.

You may have heard a rumour that the Brackendale Art Gallery is listed for sale. Alas, it is true.
"We have started a process which could result is the sale of the BAG."
Thor is 82 with all that entails. Just got a pacemaker. It is time.
We are however open to ideas and options we may not yet have heard or considered.

For Real Estate information please contact

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